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Male Facelift in Tucson, AZ

Despite the fact that facelift surgery is primarily advertised and performed on female patients, an increasing number of men are beginning to look to this leading cosmetic procedure for facial rejuvenation. Men experience the same breakdown of skin elasticity that causes the formation of wrinkles and fine lines as well as the shifting of underlying facial muscles. Facelift surgery is not only for women alone; male facelift surgery can restore your face and neck aesthetic, allowing for a more youthful, confident, and chiseled appearance.

Facelift Surgery May Be Right for You if…

  • Excess skin is altering the shape of your face

  • Your face looks older than you feel

  • You have lost facial volume

  • Jowls have developed

  • You have vertical banding on the neck

Male Facelift Options

With the progression of time comes the deterioration of youthful facial contours and the breakdown of skin elasticity. Combined with sun damage, constant facial movement, and environmental factors, your face ages at a quicker rate than the rest of your body. Facelift surgery restores youthful contours by tightening the skin and underlying muscles on the mid and lower face.

For male patients who only experience minimal signs of facial aging, a mini facelift is a good option to fix minor conditions. This procedure is not as invasive as the full facelift; however, it is unable to reach the same amount of skin correction. This procedure may be ideal for younger patients with good skin quality.

Aging, heredity, and sun damage all wreak havoc on the appearance and quality of your neck skin. As collagen and elasticity break down, vertical banding forms, causing an aging neck that is one of the first and most noticeable tell-tale signs of aging. A neck lift can smooth out the excess skin and tighten the muscles for a well-balanced and harmonious appearance.

One option for men with significant anterior neck laxity is direct excision of the neck skin with a "W-plasty" incision. This procedure addresses only the anterior neck skin and muscle laxity, but it can be performed under local anesthesia in an office setting with less bruising and a quicker recovery. This operation does place a lightning bolt shaped scar on the anterior neck, but this hides well in male patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Nelson finds that addressing the neck is an essential part of the facelift procedure, so he almost always includes neck lift techniques with facelift surgery. Treating one area without the other can backfire by bringing undue attention to the untreated area, and therefore, these procedures should be performed in tandem. For those requiring a mini facelift, the neck may or may not have substantial amounts of aging. Dr. Nelson will advise you on the best procedures—or combination of procedures—during your consultation.
Candidacy between the facelift and the mini facelift comes down to the amount of visible aging. For patients who only have a slight amount of visible aging and good skin quality, the mini facelift will likely be sufficient. For either procedure, all candidates should be in good general health and have realistic expectations of their results.
Male facelift surgery, even the mini facelift, is an invasive medical procedure. All patients should stop smoking at least six weeks prior to their surgery date to minimize the possibility of complications, as smoking restricts blood flow and increases the likelihood of complications. Before your surgery, Dr. Nelson will give you a list of prescribed and over-the-counter medications to avoid in the days leading up to the procedure. Ensuring that you are well-hydrated will also help to prepare you for both the surgery and recovery.
Following your facelift, you should expect to be swollen and bruised. This discomfort can be eased with oral pain medication and rest. You should do your best to keep your head elevated during the initial days and weeks of your recovery. Most patients return to work within two weeks (depending on the physical stresses of the job) but should avoid strenuous exercise for four to six weeks.
Final results are apparent after the swelling subsides, usually in about six weeks. To keep these results, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a well-balanced diet and not smoking. Patients should also ensure they are adequately protected from the sun. This includes using sunscreen and being cautious of environmental factors. Facelift surgery will not prevent the aging process from continuing, and keeping the progression at bay is up to your diligence.
Although rare, complications from male facelift surgery are possible. These include:
  • - Anesthesia risks
  • - Infection
  • - Bleeding
  • - Bruising and swelling
  • - Scarring
  • - Poor wound healing

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