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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Tucson, AZ

The breasts succumbing to gravity is a common problem for many women. Whether it’s due to genetics, weight loss, or pregnancy, breast tissue can become weak over time.

This weak tissue causes the breasts to become heavy and sag. When this happens, many women feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. However, the good news is that breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is the answer for women who are looking to achieve more youthful and contoured breasts.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

If you suffer from any of the following, then a breast lift may be the procedure you’re looking for.

  • Have breast tissue that sits at or below the inframammary line?

  • Feel that your nipples have a poor or downward projection?

  • Think your breasts lack a youthful perkiness or shape?

  • Believe that pregnancy, weight loss, and/or aging have robbed you of an attractive breast appearance?

If you feel as though you may be a candidate for breast lift surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nelson today.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Breast tissue that has lost its elasticity can begin to sag, causing your breasts to lose their perky shape and appearance. The goal of a breast lift is to support, shape, and strengthen the breast tissue while restoring a youthful breast appearance. Many women find that improving the placement and shape of their breasts helps them feel happier and more confident in their bodies.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?


Your incision placement is determined by the significance of your breast ptosis (sagging). Women with more severe cases of ptosis may find that they require more extensive incisions to provide adequate long-term support to their breasts. Dr. Nelson will advise you during your consultation on which incision is best suited for your needs. Your incision options may include:

  • Donut - the incision is placed along the outer border of the areola

  • Vertical popsicle - the incision runs around the areola and vertically down the lower breast tissue

  • Anchor - the incision runs around the areola, down the breast tissue, and along the inframammary crease

Combination Augmentation

Women considering a breast lift to improve sagging may also feel that their breasts lack attractive fullness. This is common following pregnancy and weight loss when the breasts lose volume and develop tissue sagging. If you desire a fuller, more shapely breast appearance, you can consider combining a breast augmentation with your lift. Dr. Nelson offers breast augmentation using either fat transfer or implants. Either technique may be combined with a breast lift to improve the overall aesthetics of the breasts. A combination procedure can provide the right amount of fullness while improving the shape of your breasts in a one-time procedure.

What Can I Expect After My Breast Lift Surgery?

After your breast lift surgery, you will have some bruising and swelling in your breasts. You may also experience some tightness and soreness in the surgical areas. These side effects are completely normal and should dissipate within a week or two. Additionally, any pain can be mediated with prescribed or over-the-counter medication.

You will be given a compression garment and surgical bra. It is important to wear these, as they help speed up your recovery by reducing the amount of swelling you experience.

It is important to allow your body to rest and heal during your breast lift recovery. This means that you should not engage in any strenuous activities, including exercise or lifting anything of weight, until you are cleared to do so by Dr. Nelson.

Once the swelling subsides and your breast lift results become final, you will be left looking and feeling younger than you have in years, and you’ll hopefully feel more confident and comfortable with your perkier breasts.

Should I Combine My Breast Lift With Other Procedures?

Many women choose to combine their breast lift with other procedures. Doing so allows you to experience a more dynamic and dramatic transformation. Additionally, choosing to combine procedures helps to lower the overall cost and recovery time. This is because you only need to pay once for many of the fees, including the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia, and you will be recovering from the procedures at the same time.

Some of the most common plastic surgery procedures combined with breast lift surgery include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast lift surgery is performed to lift and elevate sagging breasts. This usually has little — of any — effect on the size. Because of this, breast lift surgery is often combined with augmentation (if an increase in size is desired) or reduction (if you are hoping to remove excess breast tissue or fat).
Alone, breast lift surgery will tighten the breasts and provide a more compact appearance.
Because breast lift surgery is performed under anesthesia, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during your procedure; however, many patients do report feeling some tenderness and discomfort during the week after their surgery.
The length of each breast lift procedure varies, depending on numerous factors such as the extent of correction needed and any techniques being performed simultaneously; however, the procedure generally takes anywhere from one to three hours to complete.
You will experience swelling and bruising following your breast lift and should rest for several days. Most patients can return to work within 10 days and resume their regular exercise routines after four weeks. Most major swelling should subside within six weeks.
As with all surgeries, there is some risk of infection and hematoma. You may experience numbness of the breasts, but this is typically temporary. Breast sensitivity is common following numbness, but this will subside.
It is important that you stop smoking for at least six weeks prior to your surgery. You shouldn’t take aspirin or other blood thinners for at least 10 days before your surgery. It’s also important that you stay hydrated before and after surgery.
Women with minor breast ptosis may attain the slight lift they desire using implants. Women with moderate or severe ptosis will require a lift. However, even women with only mild sagging might consider combining procedures to ensure quality, long-lasting results.
While your results will be visible immediately after your procedure, there will be some swelling, and you will be wearing surgical bandages to help with your recovery, which can hide your immediate results. Over the next few weeks, you will see your results becoming more and more apparent.
It can take up to six months for your final results to become apparent.
Breast lift surgery is designed to provide a long-term improvement in your breasts. Most women find that they are satisfied with the shape and placement of their breasts for years following their surgery.

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