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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Facial Procedure

So Many fillers, lasers, peels and Surgeries….

“What is best for me?”

The science and technology of Plastic Surgery has made it much more difficult for patients to try to figure out what is their best option.  While the internet can help present information on the myriad of options out there, nothing beats a well informed discussion with your plastic surgeon.  The very fact that there are so many options mandates the educated and experienced eye of a trained specialist.

There are more than 10 different types of injectable fillers alone for deep furrows and facial wrinkles.  Dr. Nelson has experience with essentially all of these products and some are better for one type of problem or wrinkle, and some better for others.  Experience, common sense, and a good understanding of the patient’s expectation guides Dr. Nelson in choosing one product or another as “your best filler”.

Similarly, patients can get lost when reading marketing ploys that say one laser or one type of peel or one type of procedure is best for them.  In the right hands and for the right reasons any one procedure may prove to be best or interchangeable for different patients.  Everything we do as surgeons has different risks and benefits as well as different recoveries and expenses.  Only by talking face to face with a patient can any plastic surgeon determine which is best for that individual patient.

One major advantage of doing a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Nelson, is that because he is experienced with non-invasive procedures as well as lasers, peels and the full spectrum of surgical options he can decide with you what option or options are best for you.  Some procedures might provide the best cosmetic result but the down time and recovery might guide the patient to a smaller, less invasive procedure.  Dr. Nelson’s more than 20 years of plastic surgical experience allows him to tailor the best procedure or procedures to meet your cosmetic goals.


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